If you love all things décor, organization, and DIY, then you’ll feel right at home here! This site is dedicated to the decorating dilemmas that often times have us in a RUT!  After spending countless hours on my own home rearranging furniture, changing color schemes, and chasing the latest trends, I was inspired to share my passion for decorating with others like you. 

I realize not everyone has an eye for design, which is why my friends and family have encouraged me to show you some of my projects.  As you visit, you will see my simple solutions to practical life with a big family.  I have a husband, 4 kids, and 2 dogs that keep me on my toes.  We typically have a revolving door that includes family and friends, and my goal is to make my home comfortable and functional.  Functionality is priority, but a well decorated home essential. 

I have also started my own decorating business (Ricci’s Rooms by Design) so that I can expand on beautiful living outside of my own home.  It is so rewarding to create idea boards that solve other people’s decorating dilemmas, and I can’t wait to share these Suite Schemes with you!  This is just one more way of incorporating my rooms into yours!